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Forum Name MiraiMai
Real Name Maria Fox
Country Canada
Also Known As Nymphaea


Active Yes
Forum Post MiraiMai's Tweaks and Overhauls


Female gamer and programmer. I'm the one that made the wiki. Love simplistic things. Horrible at introductions.

tAPI ModsEdit

Content ModsEdit


Tweak and Overhaul Mods Edit

MainSlotZero Spawn Saver
BetterHealing Swimming
Population Control

'Epic' Overhaul SeriesEdit

EpicModifications EpicRPG

'World' SeriesEdit

World: Platforms World: Caves World: Ocean

tConfig ModsEdit


The Legend of Terraria

'Never Enough' SeriesEdit

Never Enough Accessories Never Enough Devices Never Enough Headgear
Never Enough Magic Never Enough Vanity Never Enough Weaponry

Mini ModsEdit

Mainslot-0 Name Change Certificate Ranged Boomerangs
Proper Healing