Latest Version: 2015/01/03 ( 03 January 2015 )
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Author(s): MiraiMai


MainSlotZero is my attempt at a pseudo "Dual Wielding" mod. You cannot use both at the same time, however it does allow you to quickly use the left and right mouse buttons for different items.

To use it, just put an item in your zero slot on the far right. This slot is tied to your right click, and will be used so long as you are not mousing over an NPC or Tile that can be right clicked.

Due to using the right mouse button, the scope no longer uses it. In order to use the scope, you now use the keyboard. The button used can be configured in the ModOptions page. ('Q' by default)

Detailed MechanicsEdit


Right Click: Use item in slot zero
Q: Use Scope (Configurable with ModOptions)


-Pseudo "Dual Wielding", one item to each mouse button
-Convenient scrolling, the left click cannot be on slot zero
-Works with Auto-reusable and Channeling items
-Will not trigger if there is a tile or NPC to right click on

ModOptions Edit

Scope Key: The key used to trigger the scope.

Hooks Edit

The following are Mod Calls, using the command as the first argument.

The following 2 hooks are for people using global ModTileTypes or interactable non-town NPCs
"AddUsableTile"(int) : Prevent main slot usage over the provided tile
"AddTalkingNPC"(int) : Prevent main slot usage over the provided NPC

The following hooks are used to allow custom effects triggered by the scope button.
"AddHasScopeDelegate" (Func<bool>): Add a delegate to enable the scope button
"AddCallScopeDelegate" (Action): Add a delegate to be called during MidUpdate