Latest Version: 24.0.0 ( 07 Oct. 2012 )
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Author(s): MiraiMai


A simple little mod I made, that I'm surprized nobody else has. The Name Change Certificate mod lets you change the names of your NPCs, without having to kill them.

Released ContentEdit

Name Change Certificate Name Change Certificate

Bookcase Recipe:

2 Gold Coin, 1 Book
Allows one of your towns people to change their name
(Note: This one is completely random, using their default names. One time use.)

Planned ContentEdit

Forged Name Change Certificate Forged Name Change Certificate Dropped by: Any Boss
Allows you to rename one of your towns people
(Note: Will allow you to choose any name for the NPC. One time use.)



-Initial Release
-Name Change Certificate
-BUG:In multiplayer, sets NPC's name to their title