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Latest Version: 28.1.14 ( 03 Dec. 2012 )
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Author(s): MiraiMai


One of the things that disappointed me when I got further into Terraria was the lack of fun devices for the wiring system. With this mod I hope to fix that by adding tons of new devices, sensors and switches.

Released ContentEdit

Content Type Description


The Prodigy

NPC The Mechanic's little brother, it would seem they don't get along too well. The Prodigy is found bound at surface level quite easily after rescuing his sister. He sells much of the important new content of the mod.

Mechanic Change

Vanilla Changes

Changes There have been small tweaks to the game. New recipes, new sprites, new mechanics.

Mechanic's Workshop

Mechanic's Workshop

Crafting Station The Mechanic's Workshop is a key item added with the mod, and is where most mod content is made.

Complex Circuit

Materials and Equipment

Items The mod adds a large amount of new items to the game, from materials for devices to random weapons and equipment just for the fun of it.



Tiles The namesake of the mod, these include all the new wiring implements I've come up with.

Recipe CheatsheetsEdit

(Working on them, expect them sometime soon xP)