Bound ProdigyProdigy
Title The Prodigy
Type Town NPC
Life 250
Damage 10
Defense 15


The Mechanic's little brother, it would seem they don't get along too well. The Prodigy is found bound at surface level quite easily after rescuing his sister. He sells much of the important new content of the mod.

Items SoldEdit

Item Cost Availability
Mechanic's WorkshopMechanic's Workshop 10 Coin Gold Always available
Item 530Wire 5 Coin Silver Always available
CableCable 25 Coin Silver Always available
InterfaceInterface 30 Coin Silver Always available
RelayRelay 50 Coin Silver Always available
Tripwire Tripwire 1 Coin Gold Always available
Target N/A Not Yet Released
TransmitterTransmitter 1 Coin Gold Always available
ReceiverReceiver 1 Coin Gold Always available
TransceiverTransceiver 1 Coin Gold Always available
Complex Circuit Complex Circuit 20 Coin Gold Always available


  • The Prodigy is terrified of The Mechanic, however he likes taking jabs at his sister while chatting.
  • The Prodigy's names are the first names of well known famous scientists in history.


  • "Thanks again for saving me."
  • "Always buy wire from me, I'm the nice one."
  • "Did you know that each plant reacts differently to wire pulses?"
  • "Have you seen the traps underground? Who was the lunatic that made those?"
  • "My sister has dreams of wires that conduct current instead of pulses... See why I think she's crazy?"

When RescuedEdit

  • "Thanks for saving me! My sister left me out to be slime food..." (Daytime)
  • "Thanks for saving me! My sister left me out for the zombies..." (Nighttime)


  • "She isn't out there, is she?" (Male players)
  • "...Ah! Oh sorry, I thought you were my sister." (Female players)