This Mod changes the default behaviour of the game in multiple ways.

New RecipesEdit

Item Recipe
Item 539 Dart Trap

Item 40 Wooden Arrow (250)

Item 67 Vile Powder (50)

Item 154 Bone (20)

Item 22 Iron Bar (5)

Item 530 Wire (4)

Item 147 Spike Carbide BarCarbide Bar (5)
Item 530 Wire x3

Item 20 Copper Bar

Rubber Rubber (5)

New SpritesEdit

Change Reasoning
Timers Timers

This mod replaces the default timer sprites to match the new timers.

New MechanicsEdit

Change Reasoning
Fall Start Calculation Vanilla Terraria is very wierd with fall damage. Instead of setting the start of the fall, at the start of the fall, anything that could move you in the air manually sets the start of the fall. With this mod, Terraria now detects fall start when you actually start to fall, which may mess with other mods.