Latest Version: 28.0.4 ( 24 Nov. 2012 )
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Author(s): MiraiMai


A collection of spells for the magically inclined. Included are spells I think the game is missing, especially non-damaging spells.

Released ContentEdit

Offensive SpellsEdit

Manablade Manablade Recipe: Wooden Sword, Mana Crystal
14 magic damage
Uses 5 mana
Mageblade Mageblade Recipe: Manablade, 5 Magic Power Potion, 2 Mana Crystal
32 magic damage
Uses 8 mana
Soulblade Soulblade Recipe: Mageblade, 10 Soul of Light, 10 Soul of Night, 5 Mana Crystal
51 magic damage
Uses 10 mana
Star ShotStar Shot Recipe: Mana Crystal, 5 Fallen Star
10 magic damage
Uses 3 mana
Hurl small stars towards enemies
Star BurstStar Burst Recipe: Spell Tome, 5 Star Shot, 50 Soul of Light, 50 Soul of Night, 50 Fallen Star
67 ranged damage

Uses 50 mana

Shoot powerful stars towards enemies

Utility SpellsEdit

Magic Candle Magic Candle

Recipe: Candle, Water Candle, 10 Fallen Star, 5 Book
Uses 40 mana
A mystic candle with a wandering flame
(Note: Fun little toy, awesome for exploring underground. Orb moves to where you click, disabling buff will make it return to you)

Heal Heal

Recipe: 10 Healing Potion, 5 Fallen Star
Uses 10 mana
Heal others 10% of their life

Greater Healing Greater Healing

Recipe: Heal, 2 Life Crystal, 10 Fallen Star, 10 Book
Uses 20 mana
Heal others 25% of their life

Supreme Healing Supreme Healing

Recipe: Greater Healing, 5 Life Crystal, 20 Greater Healing Potion, 10 Soul of Light
Uses 40 mana
Heal others 50% of their life

Mana GiftMana Gift

Recipe: 10 Mana Potion, 5 Fallen Star
Uses 10 mana
Give other players 10% of your mana

Soul Regeneration ISoul Regeneration

Recipe: Life Crystal, 5 Fallen Star, 20 Book
Five versions: I / II / III / IV / V
Uses 5/4/3/2/1 mana to regenerate life
Upgraded using previous version with the original recipe.

Soul Restoration ISoul Restoration

Recipe: Mana Crystal, 5 Fallen Star, 20 Book
Five versions: I / II / III / IV / V
Uses life to restore 1/2/3/4/5 mana
Upgraded using previous version with the original recipe.

Planned ContentEdit

Star ShowerStar ShowerEdit

An alternate hardmode upgrade for the Star Shot.

Will fire a stream of stars towards mouse while channeled.

Mana ShieldMana ShieldEdit

A defensive spell that will raise your defence.
 (Edited by anon: A Mana Shield sould absorb all damage and redirect it to your 
mana, and for balancing reasons, you would make the damage x2 when it goes to 
your mana.