Latest Version: 24.0.1 ( 26 Sept. 2012 )
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Author(s): MiraiMai


A bunch of stuff to customize your character and look awesome. Monster drops will have very low rates (usually 1 in 500) and crafted pieces will require hundreds of items. Currently, all costume pieces are crafted at the loom.

Released ContentEdit

Will be filled when I add item templates to the wiki.

Planned ContentEdit

Mix n' MatchEdit

A headgear costume that, when equipped, will give 3 extra vanity slots.

These slots can all take headgear items allowing for any unique(and wierd) combination.



-NEW: Added 2 extra drawing layers, Above and Below
-FIX: Blob-o-Slime keeps it's colour after saving now
-FIX: Horns are symmetrical now


-Initial Release
-11 Initial Head Vanity Items
-BUG: Blob o' Slime appears grey on player