Latest Version: 28.0.5 ( 24 Nov. 2012 )
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Author(s): MiraiMai


I caved and started on a weapon pack. This pack will be full of weapons I make, as well as anything else that fits in with weapons, such as ammo.

Released ContentEdit

Swords, Hammers & AxesEdit

BlazesaberBlazesabers Recipe: Phasesaber, 50 Cursed Flame, 20 Soul of Might
49 melee damage
(Note: Got bored of the upgraded version looking the same, so made another.)
EnvidiumEnvidium Recipe: 3 Pwnhammer, 20 Soul of Fright
56 melee damage
(Note: Sprite is vanilla minus the aura, thought I'd make Excalibur's evil twin)
HamsawHamsaw Recipe: Excalibur, Envidium, Cobalt Chainsaw, Mythril Chainsaw, Adamantite Chainsaw, 20 Soul of Fright, 20 Soul of Might, 20 Soul of Sight
43 melee damage
Inflicts severe wounds on your enemies
'Not to be confused with a hamdrax'
(Note: The more you smack a wounded enemy, the more they bleed :D )


Yin Yang BoomerangYin Yang Boomerang Recipe: 2 Dark Shard, 2 Light Shard, 50 Soul of Light, 50 Soul of Night
55 ranged damage
Passes through solid walls

Guns & AmmoEdit

Clockwork SpinshotClockwork Spinshot Recipe: Minishark, Musket, Illegal Gun Parts, 50 Copper Bar
18 ranged damage
8% critical strike chance
20% chance to not consume ammo
'A few illegal parts and copper gears later, now an automatic Musket!'
(Note: Has a slight spread of fire.)

Clockwork ChainshotClockwork Chainshot

Recipe: Clockwork Spinshot, Clockwork Assault Rifle, Illegal Gun Parts, 20 Soul of Might
27 ranged damage
16% critical strike chance
33% chance to not consume ammo
'Two guns, one trigger. Beat that sharky.'
(Note: Alternates between both barrels. Both have Spinshot's spread.)

Clockwork GigasharkClockwork Gigashark

Recipe: Clockwork Chainshot, Megashark, 20 Soul of Sight, 20 Soul of Might, 20 Soul of Fright
34 ranged damage
20% critical strike chance
50% chance to not consume ammo
'Let's just call it the "Clash of the Titans".'
(Note: Same idea as Chainshot, much faster.)
Copper ShotCopper Shot Recipe: (x10) 3 Copper Bar
2 ranged damage
Space BatterySpace Battery Recipe: 20 Wire, 100 Meteorite Bar, 100 Hellstone Bar
Ammo (Unlimited + Not Stackable)
Provides power to space weaponry
Space gun costs 0 mana
Laser Rifle costs 2 less mana
Phaseblade and Phasesaber get +3% damage and critical strike chance
Effects stack with multiple ammo slots containing batteries.

Planned ContentEdit

Dream Mod Inspired ItemsEdit

I've been looking into old discontinued mods for inspiration, and found Dream.

Dream had great plans, and amazing sprites. I plan to use some of those sprites.

Coming up includes: Molten Edge(Molten Cut), Frozen Edge(Freezing Fire), Pharaoh's Judgement(Nightlight), and some hardmode boomerangs.

Molten Edge will be dropped from the Molten Serpent(Magma Serpent)

Frozen Edge will be dropped from the Frozen Serpent(based on Magma Serpent)

Pharaoh's Judgement will be dropped from the Risen Pharaoh (new NPC)

Temporal Divide Temporal DivideEdit

Possibly my favourite sprite I've made so far for Terraria.

Will be the "end game" sword, and I hope my plans for it won't disappoint.

Made from 1 Molten Edge, 1 Frozen Edge, 1 Pharaoh's Judgement and 1 Excalibur.


I really need to make non-spell magic weapons, and staves seem to be the obvious choice.

I came up with a great idea, same tiers as vanilla weapons, upgradeable with gems.

Each gem will make the staff give a different buff if channeled(can still swing it)

The problem? If my counting is right, thats 91 staves. Ugh...

Not sure if this will be in this mod or it's own, but expect them eventually!