Latest Version: 28.1.0 ( 09 Dec. 2012 )
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Author(s): MiraiMai


This is a simple mod designed to add some difficulty to the game, and encourage potion use; which I find almost pointless in the vanilla game. The mod has 5 modes: No Regen, No Life Regen, Slowest Life Regen, Slow Life Regen, and Average Life Regen.

Detailed MechanicsEdit


-Reduced life and mana regeneration
-Can completely disable passive life and mana regeneration
-Mana will only regen while standing still, if enabled
-Life will regen at the following rates: Slowest = 1/6, Slow = 1/3, Average = 1/2

Known BugsEdit

-None known, tell if you find otherwise.