Latest Version: 2015/01/08 ( 08 January 2015 )
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Author(s): MiraiMai


Spawn Saver is a simple mod made largely due to a large amount of requests for it. (And also because I wanted it myself)

Simply put, when quitting a world (both single player and multiplayer), your location is saved, and when you next load that same world, you will be at that location.

Warning, this is a little derpy in multiplayer if you disconnect in the middle of the air, so try to disconnect on solid ground.

Detailed MechanicsEdit


On exiting a world, saves your location to your player.
On joining a world, places you at your saved location.
Works on both Single-Player and Multi-Player

Known Issues Edit

[FLAW]There is a roughly one in two billion chance, that two worlds will share a saved spot. Congrats if this happens to you.
[FLAW]If your connection to the server is slow, you may log in embedded a few blocks into the ground.