Latest Version: 2014/12/23 ( 23 December 2014 )
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Author(s): MiraiMai


The Swimming Mod is a very simple mod, that does one thing and one thing only. It lets you swim in any liquid, assuming you can survive in it.

The controls are simple, if you are in water, holding jump will slowly swim up(Flippers are much faster), and holding down will let you sink. You only have to hold it until you're fully under water, then you will continue to sink unless you reach the surface again.

By default, you cannot swim up while drowning, and have limited stamina for swimming. Both features can be disabled using ModOptions, and your max stamina can be configured as well.

Detailed MechanicsEdit


Jump: Slowly swim upwards
Down: Sink from the surface


-Allows you to swim across the surface of liquids
-Adds the ability to swim upward in water, however much slower than flippers
-Jumping/Flying/etc are enabled after swimming
-Works with all vanilla liquids, including lava if you can survive in it

ModOptions Edit

Stamina Limit: Whether or not to have a limit to how long you can swim.
Max Stamina: Amount of stamina the player has.
Swim While Drowning: Whether or not the player can swim upward while drowning.